Blueberry Halwa

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Halwa!! The piping hot sweet and satisfying will make your day Joyful. You are going to love this wonderfully  blueberry Halwa. This halwa will definitely leave you asking for more!... Our Blueberry halwa is made in "NAFNAC" (No Artificial Flavor & No Artificial Colors) style. Blueberry is very Good for health. Get all the nutrients of the blueberry fruit completely through this method. 

The main benefits of blueberry fruit:
* Vitamin K nutrients in blueberry fruit increase the production of calcium in the body
* Zinc in blueberry fruit plays an important role in maintaining the strength of iron, bones and joints.
* Blueberry fruit is low in sodium and high in potassium, calcium and magnesium, so it lowers high blood pressure.
* Vitamin C and Vitamin B6 phytonutrients in blueberry fruit help to improve heart health.
* Regular consumption of foods made from blueberry fruit can cure diabetes, weight gain, inflammation, kidney disease and constipation.